Ladybug And Cat Noir Coloring Pages Feature Superheroes From The DC Universe

writen by Odette Guadalupe | October 18, 2021

"When the angels cast their golden beams, my ladybug glows" is how the famous nursery rhyme begins. This is true too, with the release of Disney's latest masterpiece, The Lady Bug, a live-action feature film directed by Brad Pitt. With a screenplay by Oscar winning writer Chris Morgan and an all star cast featuring Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Brad Pitt, and countless others, The Lady Bug is sure to be a box office hit in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

While the plot of the film may be different than that of the original version, the original story is still the same. A young girl named Flora has been sent to live with her Aunt Maria and cousin Kwan in Swarthmore, Kansas. There she gets to know the other women of the household and eventually starts to teach them as well. Things however do not go so smoothly as there is an ongoing feud between the ladies that continues to grow in threats, spite of the efforts of the police force and the local pastor to stop it. As time goes by, the ladies devise a plan to help Flora recover from her past trauma, while also dealing with personal issues of her own...

One of the things that makes The Lady Bug and The Cat Noir coloring pages so special is the use of actual imagery from the movie. Artwork from the movie covers the entire cover of the coloring book. It's beautiful, vibrant, and quite detailed. The designs look like they're drawn out of a comic book, and the colors used are obviously inspired by the colors used in the film. They can easily make any children excited about coloring.

Ladybug And Cat Noir Coloring Pages To Print Bqf6i Picture
Ladybug And Cat Noir Coloring Pages To Print Bqf6i Picture

Another feature of the coloring page features Cat coming into view on her own, in a scene that is wonderfully drawn out. Although we don't actually see her in the flesh, it's easy to tell she's a Ladybug because of her glowing skin. The colors used for her are a perfect match of the colors used in the movie as well. In addition, she has on a very regal, elegant gown, complete with golden trim and intricate details. The look is completed off nicely by her large, regal black bird that sits perched on a large branch in the background.

This scene also features another major difference between the two characters: the color of her dress. Ladybug is wearing a very light blue gown while the cat is decked out in a royal blue suit. Although the color palette for the film may have slightly varied, the two still look remarkably similar despite the differences in costume. There are also several different poses depicted, both of Ladybug and her hawk moth friend.

Printable Ladybug And Cat Noir Coloring Pages Wue7b Picture
Printable Ladybug And Cat Noir Coloring Pages Wue7b Picture

Ladybug and Cat noir coloring pages feature several other wonderful drawings and paintings as well. Two particular pieces that stand out are Cat's tail and her beautiful smile. The amazing artwork depicted on this part of the coloring page features a lot of detail that makes it look like it was made just for the cartoon. The kwami, or healer, is standing next to a small figure representing the human female that he is helping. It's evident that this woman is struggling with something in her past that is affecting her life.

Cat's tail, designed in a style that resembles the mystical wings of the mystical bird, is designed in a unique way as well. It appears to be extending itself in a very realistic fashion, even though its actual length is a bit short. On the coloring pages, Ladybug and Cat noir are shown in a variety of poses, including some that clearly show the cat's excitement at finding a new swamp. In one painting, Ladybug stands with her tail spread as wide as the entire painting.

Other popular poses for the characters in Ladybug and Cat noir coloring pages include a battle between the two, and Ladybug lifting up her tail in triumph. This pose is used to introduce the theme's basis: that there are many different magical powers that the wearer can acquire, but only one can transform into a ladybug. Each power works differently. The blue eyes of the magical archer, the water's flow from the magical fountain, and the ladybug's keen sense of hearing all come into play to help transform the wearer into a ladybug themed superhero.

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