Emotions Coloring Pages

writen by Julie Rehman | October 26, 2021

For kids, coloring pages can include many different kinds of emotions. They may be learning about the different emotions felt by other people too. A good coloring page can teach kids how to express their own emotions as well. It also makes it fun for them and teaches them that emotions come in all different shapes and sizes.

There are 13 emotions and 13 coloring pages where your child is required to color the happy face in a specific emotion. This is an easy coloring book with lots of repetition on the steps so that the child can build up their own color memory about each emotion. Once your kid has learned how to do this, they can go on to do it on any coloring page. That way they are learning about each feeling and coloring each one the way they see that particular feeling.

Angry Emotions Coloring Pages Ah36y Picture
Angry Emotions Coloring Pages Ah36y Picture

For example, there is a printable coloring page that shows a happy, lively girl with long, curly hair. On that page, her eyes look like they are sparkling and her smile is wide. However, as she moves to the next page, the curly hair is straight and her eyes are more focused. If you ask your child what emotions are going through her head, she could give you the answers of happiness, upset, scared, curious, excited, scared, and even sad. That is an example of your kids' emotional intelligence at work.

Free Printable Emotions Coloring Pages C4lqu Picture
Free Printable Emotions Coloring Pages C4lqu Picture

The emotions come in different shapes and sizes too. On the printable coloring page, she has the joyful, happy, excited, fearful, curious, tense, bored, and even angry faces. In each different situation, your child would be moved by the expression on that page and that expression alone will move her from being a fearful, worried, anxious, or even angry child to a child that looks interested in what is going on. As she ages, she will have more emotional experiences and will learn how to use those experiences to help her handle different emotions.

Happy Emotions Coloring Pages 7pmwe Picture
Happy Emotions Coloring Pages 7pmwe Picture

This is just one of the ways that coloring can be helpful for your young one. Take a look at the other emotions coloring pages feature. There are more than just five basic emotions. There is also neutral, scary, funny, and happy. This makes it easy for your child to learn about all the different kinds of emotions that she experiences and can start to learn how to deal with them on a daily basis.

The fact is, kids love colorful pictures and when you are giving your kid a chance to learn about emotions, it only makes sense that she will enjoy coloring and creating her own printable emotions coloring pages. Why not give your kid a coloring pad and let her go crazy? Of course, it is still a great idea to help her learn about these things but it is also a great way for her to express her own creativity. There are thousands of coloring books available so even if she does not want to print the pictures out, she can just draw them on her pad or on paper and she is good to go. As she gets better at expressing herself through the art form, she will be able to add more complicated images to her coloring books as she goes along.

Panda Emotions Coloring Pages Do2n4 Picture
Panda Emotions Coloring Pages Do2n4 Picture

If you have an older child who is not into emotions as much as your younger kids are, then you may want to consider adding a couple of different emotions to your coloring pages. This way, you can encourage your kid to explore all the different kinds of emotions that she can experience through coloring. By the time your kid is done exploring them all, she will probably have several favorite colors that she will want to express in her art. It will be such a rewarding experience for you to see your kid express herself with the power of emotions.

Shock Emotions Coloring Pages 1s1mo Picture
Shock Emotions Coloring Pages 1s1mo Picture

For busy parents, it can be very difficult to provide their kids with the time to explore and learn about emotions. However, coloring pages can be a great way to do that. You can help kids explore their emotions and develop their emotional intelligence. As they get better at expressing themselves through the medium of color, they will become more comfortable expressing those feelings and ideas in their work. You can encourage this along by giving them tips and techniques on how to enhance their coloring page art to make it more effective in helping their emotions and intelligence grow.

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